Moms Vacation Land is a personal weblog where @brandyellen writes about nonsense and whatever pops into her head.


Some of what you read here may be fiction, some may be truth but no matter what it should be something entertaining or something you can relate to. Moms need a little vacation place and this is mine.

Beyond motherhood, I am a woman – a funny, sarcastic, quick witted, sometimes absent minded and gullible female. I enjoy laughing it up at the most odd situations, making funnies from somewhat serious situations and simply enjoying life to the fullest. Some moments I feel as if the world is going to crash down upon me but every night I lay down thanking the big man above for the fact that I have lived another beautiful day.

I am truly blessed and thankful for each waking moment I get to experience, but you will see in this blog that sometimes, just sometimes, life gets to me and this is my place to share the other side of me. Sit back, grab a good drink and enjoy the thoughts inside this work from home Mom of three who is simply trying to live life and make the best of every day.

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About Brandy

Brandy Tanner aka @brandyellen is a work from home mother of three who spends the non-kid hours each day working from her NH home office. Brandy loves her pug, loves her kids, loves her friends even if most live in the computer and is often found smiling and/or laughing at life as well as her own self.

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