Having Had a Rough Week, I vlogged It

This week has been rough for me and so instead of sitting and sulking, I cried a couple of times and sucked it up to try to pull myself out of it and vlogged about it —

Tis the season of slow work period and bills still needing to be paid but life will get better if this week will just pass, hell if this month will pass as I have payouts for end of month coming my way!

Working from home is great, but sometimes it can be difficult to stay motivated! I can do it, I know I can, vlogging and blogging help me. Tips and suggestions are welcomed!

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  1. David says:

    Great post. We all go through this and we’re all in it together. Here are some things i do that have helped reduce the “roller coaster” of the business cycle:
    1. I got a line of credit for my business and use it to manage cash flow. I take out the money I need as an employee and pay my bills. I map my revenue and know when i will pay it off and create a surplus.
    2. I save 30% of my billings in a separate account for SEP-IRA and taxes. Then I don’t have such a big gasp at the end of the year when they’re all due.
    3. I remember to prospect even when I’m busy and not get myself in the cycle of prospecting like crazy then working like a dog until i run out of business, then back to prospecting, etc. I try to overbook and outsource some business when I need to, but otherwise try to keep my load level. To greater and lesser degrees of success. ;-)
    4. I really had to analyze what work was profitable – for instance, if it takes me 3 weeks to come up to speed on a one-week project, it better be leading to something longer or I’m wasting my time and would be better off referring it. I’ve been surprised at what a subtle balance it is – prospecting time vs. learning curve vs. delivery vs. cross/up sell vs. collection cycle.

    Hope this helps. We’re all in this together!


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