I Suppose I am Human Afterall

These days I have been found to be quite a bit snappy, I get this attitude about me when overwhelmed that I just can not get rid of. For starters the end of year into new year was insanely slow with work, while it has picked up tremendously now, I was having a difficult time. Of course once I went back to my reminder to think positive and that everything will work out attitude, work started piling in for me. I keep neglecting to follow my own darn advice at times, suppose I am human after all.

ID-10076712I have spent more time these past two weeks apologizing for being snappy to those I love and adore. Thankfully I fill my life with those who truly love me, know my heart and forgive easily or explain that I am human after all so no need to apologize. We all have our days and we all have a limit when reached that we can snap.

To boot with the snappy-ness my period is coming and there is a reason I nicknamed my monthly menstrual cycle as my “nonfriend”, it plays horrible tricks on my hormones for 1-2 weeks prior to me even having this three day cycle every month. To boot, my oldest is having her hormonal changes in her body which is messing with my “normal cycle”.

Overall life has been a challenge lately but I have such great people in my life right now that I feel truly blessed and thankful for that I am trying like hell to focus on being less snappy, less overwhelmed and appreciate the love I have in my life. The things I do have in my life, not materialistic items, human beings – are so important, amazing and I feel so special to have every person in my life that is part of it now. I can admit that I am human after all, but I wish I worked more like some robot with emotions sometimes….

Image courtesy of Victor Habbick/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

My New Favorite Indulgence – Hot Italian Sausage Grinders

Hot Italian Sausage Grinders at HomeI have always loved spicy foods and with that comes a love of Hot Italian Sausage Grinders. You know, subs, that’s what some people call them. They are the most delicious things ever and I make them at home.

I purchase sandwich or grinder rolls at my local grocery store. I then purchase Hot Italian Sausage grinders in Premo brand. I also purchase onions and green peppers. First you saute the onions and green peppers (sliced) in a pan with butter. Keep a watchful eye on the veggies so as to not brown them too much, unless you prefer them that way.

Next you cook the Premo Hot Italian Sausage in a skillet. Basically add water, the sausage and cover. Heat for 10 minutes, then uncover and heat for another 10-15 minutes. Making sure to turn the sausages as they cook, this ensures each side is browned. I personally hate to mess with raw meat, so I use a meat thermometer to ensure that they temperature of the meat has reached 160 degrees, citing it is fully cooked.

Then place sausage and onions with green peppers in your grinder/sandwich roll. For an added touch to mine, I put a slice of cheese in the bottom of the grinder/sandwich roll first then place sausage and onion and green peppers.


Top Valentine’s Day Promotional Products at Amazon.com

Yes, can you hear cupid in the air? Do you hear those love birds tweeting? NO? WHAT? okay well it is negative degrees here in NH so they probably are all hibernating for real, as is what I would be doing had I not real life Mom and work responsibilities to tend to.  Whether you celebrate it or not, Valentine’s Day is heading your way! Below are some Amazon.com Valentine’s Day deals, promotions and what not for your viewing pleasure….

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Are you shopping for someone this Valentine’s Day? What type of things do you normally get or are you getting this year for the loved ones in your life?