Let the Online Dating Adventures Begin

I decided to vlog today a bit about my experiences with these people on the couple online dating sites I have placed my profile on. It’s so amusing, but at the same time I really hope females around here are not truly meeting up with some of these sexaholic idiots.

Now I normally would not be name calling, but honestly people there are some true characters out there online. Do people really need an online dating profile to get a piece of ass? I mean, seriously? Just hop over to the bar find a drunk chick that is lonely and wants a piece of your ass. Do not waste the time of those serious people online that are seeking real dating material.

I am not desperately seeking a relationship. I am just putting myself out there to see what I see, because I do not get out often enough in places that would allow me to meet more people who are at a similar place in life as I am.

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