Actions Speak Louder Than Words

It is very true that actions can speak way louder than words. For instance, you can tell your kids you are appreciative of things they have accomplished but it means way more to them to get a big gigantic hug or have you do something special as a way to say congrats. Relationships with men or woman are no different, for me, I would much rather a person show me he loves me, cares for me, likes me than say it 100 times. Maybe it’s because I have heard how people “feel” far longer than I have seen it shown to me.

The issue with realizing that actions do speak volumes compared to three little words is that I am a person who has been told more than shown. So for example, if someone were to me show me that they care deeply for me, that I am truly important to them – it would make me feel great. And after all that is something I noted missing many years ago, but since I am a person who has been told how people feel without actions backing that up for so long, ever since I started dated as a teen, it would be a hard adjustment period for me I do believe.

The constant reminder to self would be needed that the actions of that person mean more than their words. That the fact that they take time to show me how they care means so much more. Love, life and relationships are such a hard part of this world and maybe that is why I spend most of my days making sure I don’t fall head over heels into some odd living situation again or some relationship just to be in one. I want real deal, the real feelings, a person who will do anything for me and I for them, because that is what being with someone is all about.

I want to know that he feels the same as I do, constantly waiting to hear from me, hoping their day is going well. I need someone who has their own life and ability to bring something more to my life; such as their own hobbies, parenting style or what not. It’s great when you meet that person for you, the one who can show you and tell you how they feel. That person who meshes well with all you have on your plate in life. That my friends, is what the dating world is all about. Do not settle. I settled before, and I refuse to ever, ever do that again.

Everyone in the dating world needs to realize that it’s best to be alone than to settle for someone who isn’t the right fit for you and/or your family unit.

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  1. Robin says:

    I hear ya! I remember dating after my ex-husband and I seperated. It was hard and honestly, Chris is the first guy that I dated after my ex – and here we are together for almost 5 years now.

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